Gold Filled Findings

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  1. Gold Filled(14k) Heart Earring Post 3.5mm

    Unit: 2 pcs.( 1 pair)

    SKU: 9639

    A$$10.00 Our Price:
    • Buy 40+ for A$3.96 each
  2. Gold Filled Crimp Covers 3mm

    Unit: pack of 4 pcs.

    SKU: 5630

    A$5.20 Our Price:
  3. Gold Filled(14k) 3.5mm Star Earring Post -Wholesale Pack

    Unit: 2 pcs.(1 pair)

    SKU: 9615

    Our Price:
    • Buy 20+ for A$2.97 each
  4. Gold Filled Bead Cap 7mm W/1mm hole

    Unit: pack of 2 pcs.

    SKU: 4705

    A$5.5 Our Price:
  5. Gold Filled(14K) Crimp Covers 2.5mm

    Unit: Pack of 10 pcs.

    SKU: 4591

    A$6.6 Our Price:
  6. Gold Filled (14k) Snap in Setting 6mm w/ Post (0.7mm)

    Unit: 2 pcs.

    SKU: 9801

    A$15 Our Price:
  7. Gold Filled(14k) Sheppard Hook(13x20mm) with Ball(1.6mm)

    Unit: Each Pair

    SKU: 8079

    A$8.8 Our Price:
  8. Gold Filled Spring Ring open 6mm

    Unit: each piece

    SKU: 4703

    A$5.5 Our Price:
  9. Gold Filled (14K)Lobster Clasp W/Ring- 3.0x8.0mm

    Unit: Each Pc.

    SKU: 8111

    A$7.7 Our Price:
  10. Gold Filled Bead Cap 4.5mm W/1mm Hole

    Unit: pack of 5 pcs.

    SKU: 4704

    A$5.5 Our Price:
  11. Gold Filled(14k) 3.5mm Heart Earring Post W/Ring

    Unit: 2pcs.(1 Pair)

    SKU: 8755

    A$15.00 Our Price:
  12. Gold Filled(14K) Trigger Clasp 5x8.2 mm

    Unit: Each Pc.

    SKU: 4589

    A$6.50 Our Price:
    • Buy 10+ for A$2.93 each
  13. Gold Filled(14K) Trigger Clasp w/ring-5x8.2 mm

    Unit: Each Pc.

    SKU: 5625

    A$5.5 Our Price:
  14. Gold Filled(14k) Friction Nut

    Unit: Each Pair

    SKU: 4702

    A$2.75 Our Price:
  15. Gold Filled 14k Leverback W/ Ring

    Unit: Each pair

    SKU: 5315

    A$10.45 Our Price:
  16. Gold filled (14k) Endless Hoop 12mm

    Unit: 2 pcs. (1 pair)

    SKU: 9640

    Our Price:
  17. Gold Filled 14k Headpin 1.9 x 0.64 x 50.8 mm

    Unit: 10 pcs.

    SKU: 8075

    A$42 Our Price:
  18. Gold Filled (14k) Lobster Clasp 4.5 x 12.00 mm

    Unit: each pc.

    SKU: 7076

    A$12 Our Price:
    • Buy 10+ for A$5.36 each
  19. Gold Filled(14k) Ballpin 1.5 x 0.5 x 25.4 mm

    Unit: 10 Pcs.

    SKU: 8819

    A$24 Our Price:
  20. Gold Filled (14k)Earwire W/Coil & Ball(3mm)

    Unit: Each Pair

    SKU: 4700

    A$6.6 Our Price:
  21. Gold Filled(14k) Earwire 18mm W/ Ball-3mm

    Unit: Each Pair

    SKU: 5242

    A$7.7 Our Price:
  22. Gold Filled Bead Cap 3.8mm W/1.1mm hole

    Unit: pack of 20 pcs.

    SKU: 6008

    A$9.9 Our Price:
  23. Gold Filled (14k) Bead Cap 4mm w/1.00mm hole

    Unit: 10 pcs.

    SKU: 7074

    A$11 Our Price:
  24. Gold Filled(14k) Ballpin 1.9 x 0.6 x 38 mm

    Unit: 5 pcs.

    SKU: 8457

    A$17.6 Our Price:

51 items

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