Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz (also called green gold) is a beautiful variety of yellow quartz with shades of green that is mined in Brazil.

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    Lemon Quartz Faceted Tumbles -12-22 x 8-14 mm- 20 cms....

    Unit: Each Strand-20 cms.(App. 12-16 Beads)

    SKU: 6352

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    Special Price A$42.00 was A$60.00
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    Lemon Quartz Faceted Rondelle Gemstone Chain Gold plated- 45...

    Unit: Each Strand

    SKU: 5913

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    Lemon Quartz Faceted Tumbles -12-33x 12-21mm- 20 cms. Strand

    Unit: Each Str. -20cms.(App. 9-12 Beads)

    SKU: 6353

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    Special Price A$69.97 was A$99.95
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    Lemon Quartz Faceted Top drill Puff Square 9-11mm

    Unit: Each Str. 20 Cms.(app. 39-40 beads)

    SKU: 6345

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    Special Price A$59.50 was A$85.00
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    Lemon Quartz Faceted Rondelles 3.7- 4.8mm-36 Cms. Strand

    Unit: Each Str. -36cms.

    SKU: 6354

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    Special Price A$17.50 was A$25.00
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5 Items

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