Sterling Silver Tube Beads

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  1. Sterling Silver Tube Bead -55mm

    Unit: One Piece

    SKU: 1006

    A$33 Our Price:
  2. Sterling Silver Curve Tube Bead (Oxidised) 47 x 3mm- 2mm...

    Unit: Each Piece

    SKU: 4411

    A$15.84 Our Price:
  3. Sterling Silver Curved Tube Bead 25 x 2mm

    Unit: Pack of 3 pcs.

    SKU: 4143

    A$9.24 Our Price:
    Out of stock
  4. Sterling Silver Textured Tube 4x8mm

    Unit: Pack Of 2 Beads

    SKU: 3029

    A$3.3 Our Price:
    Out of stock
  5. Sterling Silver Tube Bead Round Hole-20x3mm

    Unit: Pack of 5 beads

    SKU: 1074

    A$8.32 Our Price:
    Out of stock
  6. Sterling Silver Tube Bead Square Hole-20x1.5mm

    Unit: Pack of 10 beads

    SKU: 1073

    A$7.66 Our Price:
    Out of stock

6 Items

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