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Moonstone Multi Beads

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  1. -10%

    Moonstone multi 3x5mm chips,app. 16" long str.

    Unit: strings

    SKU: 123

    A$3.3 Our Price:
    Special Price A$1.35 was A$1.50
  2. -10%

    Multi Moonstone Handcrafted Rondelles 8.5-9.5x5-7.5mm...

    Unit: Each Strand

    SKU: 7101

    A$90 Our Price:
    Special Price A$44.06 was A$48.95
  3. -10%

    Moonstone multi Ovals 8x12mm handcrafted size...

    Unit: strings

    SKU: 114

    A$12 Our Price:
    Special Price A$8.64 was A$9.60
    Out of stock
  4. -10%

    Moonstone multi Rondels(2-4x5-6mm)handcrafted size...

    Unit: strings

    SKU: 115

    A$17 Our Price:
    Special Price A$12.24 was A$13.60
    Out of stock
  5. -10%

    Moonstone Multi 5x10mm Rectangles handcrafted size...

    Unit: strings

    SKU: 116

    A$11 Our Price:
    Special Price A$4.46 was A$4.95
    Out of stock
  6. -10%

    Moonstone multi R-5-6mm handcrafted size varies,App. 16"...

    Unit: strings

    SKU: 117

    A$20 Our Price:
    Special Price A$8.96 was A$9.95
    Out of stock
  7. -10%

    Moonstone Multi Handcrafted faceted Cubes 7 -9 mm

    Unit: Each Str. 23 cms.App.28-30 Beads

    SKU: 6307

    A$40 Our Price:
    Special Price A$26.96 was A$29.95
    Out of stock

7 Items

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